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5 Stocks With 30+ Percent Upside in 2015

I've read an interesting article on CNN Money, called: 7 stocks Wall Street thinks will soar this year.

The author introduced seven stocks about which the Wall-Street guys seeing good upside potential this year.

Normally, I don't care about those articles, especially when I see that Tesla, Facebook or some Biotech’s are recommend but this time, I agree with 
five stocks from the list.

Here are the results...5 Stocks With 30+ Percent Upside in 2015 are...


Cracking The Best Healthcare Dividend Stock Secret

This Weekend my eyes and thoughts curved around the Healthcare sector. 

I read several interesting articles from the sector, mostly about the biotech’s and new Hepatitis C drugs from Gilead, Sovaldi and Harvoni.

Those are very expensive drugs with potential to kill the current medical systems but they also generate tons of cash for their corporate.

I also noticed that the Healthcare sector grows at a much faster pace than the economy does, with 10+ percent. How can you benefit from this trend? I don't know. Prices are high, even on free cash flow basis.

Second, the old synthetic drug cash cow system from Pfizer doesn't work anymore. PFE is losing revenues. Even Teva, a generic drug manufacturer, struggles.

In order to get an overview about modest valuated growth stocks from the Healthcare sector, I've created a screen for large capitalized sector members with the following main criteria:

- EPS growth next five years: over 5 percent
- Sales growth past five years: over 5 percent
- Forward P/E under 20
- Positive Dividend

14 attractive healthcare growth stocks remain. It's a very selective list with focus on sales and earnings growth. You can find the full results attached. 

You may also interested in my older articles about healthcare dividend stocks.

Below are also five of my favorites. Which stocks do you like? Please let me know.


Why You Should Look At These 16 Stocks With Cheap Free Cash Flows

When you put money into the market, you should be aware of the market valuation. One of the major problems in valuation is definitely to predict future cash-flows.

Nobody of us has a crystal-ball and no one can predict the future.

The second problem is that there are companies that must invest massively into the business model in order to boost growth or to replace old machines or buildings.

Investors often calculate with free cash flows. Those are the real income of the company, available for dividends, buybacks or mergers and acquisitions.

Today I like to introduce the cheapest Dividend Achievers with a low price to free cash flow of less than 15.

16 companies fulfilled my criteria of which four have a dividend yield over 3 percent. The most of the results come from the property and casualty insurance industry.

Insurer generates massive cash but they have also big problems with decreasing premiums and increasing competition. There are always good reasons why some companies are cheap.

You may also like my article about the best dividend stocks from the title insurance industry. I still prefer, like Warren Buffett, the fastest growing companies from the insurance sector. Those are ACE, UNH and TRV.

What do you think about the screen?


4 Most Hated Dividend Stocks You Should Know Before You Invest

Shorting stocks is always risky for investors. But it can be a sure way to avoid burning cash when a company's shares crash, making it worth the bet.

Well, it’s not the classic way for dividend growth investors. I've looked at my dividend growth database and noticed that most of the stocks have a low short interest rate and float short.

Today I like to give you an overview what kind of stocks have the highest share of short sellers in their shareholder structure.

These are the 4 highest shorted dividend stocks with a float short of 40 percent or more....


3 Unbelievable Dividend Champions With Zero Debt And Promising Payout Growth

Investors should be careful while investing in stocks under different sectors. You might be tempted to invest in stocks that pay out high dividends, but what you also need to check is whether these companies have any debts or not.

If a company has huge debts, you must strictly stay away from it, however high its dividends are. Such companies cannot be trusted upon to pay out high dividends in the future as the cash flow that they generate would be used for settling debts.

A company that pays out a reasonable rate of dividend and has very little debts is still a better choice. However the best choice would be a company with absolutely no debt at all. Are there any companies like these? If yes, which ones are best in terms of growth?

Today I show you the fastest growing Dividend Champions with zero debt. Those stocks have a double-digit earnings growth forecast for the next five years as well as a low debt to equity ratio of less than 0.1.

Here are the results...

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