6 Stocks With A High Possibility To Double Dividends

Dividend growth investors like me don't look at high yielding stocks. I am looking for companies that hike their dividends and my income very fast.

I like to see that my personal income from dividends is rising but only healthy growing stocks can give me such an opportunity.

I'm looking each day for good bargains on the stock market but only a few companies can give me a huge possibility to double dividends over a few years.

Debt and growth are two very important factors when you look at rising dividends. But those two figures are no warranty for good returns. I'm talking about high valuations. If you buy at high prices or big P/E ratios, you will definitely loose money despite your growing dividend income.

Below are six stocks with low debt ratios and solid earnings growth predictions. Most of them have a P/E between 15 and 20. Not too expensive but when money is flooding out of the market, those valuations can shrink to 10 to 15. The good thing is that you can easily buy shares at 50 percent higher yields.

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6 top large caps with a big change to double dividends are....


8 Cheap Dividend Growth Stars You Must Know....

Dividend stocks are a passion for me but most of the long-term dividend payer and grower underperformed the market within the recent years.

However, I maintain my strategy because I know what I own and how much return they will deliver over the long-run. I don't care about my friends and other investor colleagues and what they might say about my boring strategy. 

Toady I've screened the market by cheap opportunities, stocks that look fundamentally cheap. It does not mean that they perform well in the near future but they offer a good yield with solid fundamentals which is a good seed of future crops.

My criteria are:

- Dividend growth of more than 5 consecutive years
- Debt-to-equity ratio under 0.5
- Dividend Yield above 3 percent
- Market Cap over $2 billion
- Forward P/E below 15

8 companies survived my screening. Below are the detailed stocks in review.

8 Cheap Dividend Stars you must know...


Company Factbook: Coach (COH) - A Luxury Retailer With A 3.94% Dividend Yield

Our current Dividend Idea is the luxury apparel stock Coach (COH). The compay has a really bad sentiment. Operational, same store sales are negative and COH plans to shut down some of it's stores. Competition pressure is rising, especially from Michael Kors and Kate Spate but price ratios of them skyrocked. Coach is one of the cheapest luxury retailer in the market and offers a dividend yield close to the 4 percent.

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Tom Roberts & Dividend Friends


9 Dividend Achievers With A Strong Buy Rating

Analysts often have a good sense about the development of stocks due to their intensive research related to the company.

Not all analysts predict the correct economic development but they do a very good basic desk research and they have conversations with the management teams of the company, so not many people a as good informed as analysts.

Today I've listed all stocks with more than 10 years of consecutive dividend growth (Dividend Achievers) and a strong buy rating. Only nine companies have received the highest buy rating by analysts. Six of them are listed on the technology stock exchange NASDAQ.

Only four firms have a market capitalization over one billion US-Dollar. Keep in mind that those stocks also contain a higher risk for invvestors.

The only 9 Dividend Achievers with a strong buy rating are....


6 Dividend Grower With The Best Price For Earnings Growth Ratio

Growth is good for investors and a growing company will deliver you a solid return when you have bought shares of the stocks at an attractive price and growth rates gain momentum.

If the outlook and business environment turn into a better perspective is a point that we can't forecast but we can discover if stocks are cheap or expensive in terms of expected growth. 

One fiscal measure that tells us something about cheap growth is the price-earnings-to-growth ratio (PEG). A value below one is a sign that the stock is cheap compared to its forecasted earnings growth.

Below are six good capitalized dividend growth stocks with a low PEG ratio and a dividend yield over two percent.

6 best dividend grower with a good price-earnings-to-growth ratio are...

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