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8 Stocks to Beat Warren Buffett's Portfolio Return Easily

Warren Buffett is one of the most trusted investors in the world. When he put money on the table, many institutional investors follow his moves and discover if they could make any money with the stocks he has chosen.

When I look at the recent earnings figures of some of his investments, I saw that many stocks reported results not in-line with investor’s expectations. As a result, they got sold massively out.

IBM, Coca Cola, Tesco, Exxon and now diabetes drug maker Sanofi who lost yesterday nine percent. Are these long-term opportunities or will they run flat in the future? I don't know but what I know is that some of the past results of those companies are not comparable to the current economic environment.

I personally checked some of his new investments and came to the result that Warren is building a new investment company, based on energy and capital intensive stocks. 

I'm a fundamental driven growth investors who love to see that the company is paying a good part of its free cash flow to shareholders.

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The market has many great companies to offer which have doubled sales in the past decade and paid 40 percent of the current stock price in dividends over the recent ten years. That's a good number in my view.

Today, when the markets have recovered, I start a new screen of high-quality dividend stocks with attractive fundamentals. I know that it is hard to find cheap companies in highly valuated markets but sometimes we must be creative to calculate the real values.

Below are five ideas with double digit-expected earnings per share growth figures for the next five years. They have also a lower beta than the overall market and acceptable debt-to-equity ratios.

I've compiled many stocks from different sectors and industries in order to create a good diversification. What do you think about my new ideas? Are they good enough to buy or do you still have some of them? Please let me know and thank you for reading and commenting.

These are my results:


My 5 Favorite Stocks With Dividend Growth Of The Week

During the past Week, 64 companies increased their dividend payments. The biggest stocks are AbbVie, Visa, Halliburton, Energy Transfer Equity and the apparel company V.F. Corporation.

Four stocks from the dividend growers list have a forward P/E of less than 10 and eleven have a dividend yield over 5 percent. Below are my five favorites. You might agree or not.

Most of them are different and they don’t look like real Dividend Aristocrats or Dividend Champions as in the past articles.

My focus for this selection was mainly on Large Cap. I personally have no shares of them and don’t like to buy some in the near future but it’s always good to know what companies have hiked dividends because in five years or so, they could become to a new Dividend Challenger.

Big names on the Buyback side were Pfizer, AbbVie, Canadian National Railway, Parker-Hannfin, Nielsen and CarMax.

In total, 27 stocks announced a new, additional or increased share buyback program. The total buyback volume for the future is over USD 25 billion.


7 Dividend Achievers Good Enough To Buy And 10 To Watch

The last sell-off on the market gave me reasons to look back on my dividend growers lists to check the current price ratios.

You know that stocks are too expensive but some of them show good growth ratio and have also attractive price ratios in relation to the cash income and enterprise values.

This week I've screened all Dividend Achievers by cheap fundamentals, solid growth figures and low dividend payouts. 

Dividend Achievers are stocks that have raised dividends over a period of 10 consecutive years or more. 

These are my criteria in detail:

- Dividend Yield over 2 percent
- Dividend Payout below 40 percent
- Expected 5-Year Earnings Growth over 5 percent
- Forward P/E under 15
- Only Large Caps
- 10 Years of consecutive dividend growth or more

My screen delivered me 17 results. The best yielding results come from the oil and gas sector. Those stocks suffered under falling oil and gas prices. Russian crises and recession fears in Europe are main forces to the cheap fundamentals.

I'm a guy who believes in technology, old school technology. IBM is a top pick in my view. For sure IBM did not grow over the past decade but they have a strong focus on profit and shareholder return. Earnings doubled and due to massive buybacks, EPS skyrocket.

IBM is no island in a raw sea. It's only a big company with a strong cash flow and they must pay attention to the competition.

Which stocks did you buy from the list below? Or would you buy some of the top yielder?

Here are seven Dividend Achievers with cheap fundamentals from seven different sectors. A good and broad diversification is good for most investors because they can reduce your portfolio volatility.

7 cheap top yielding Dividend Achievers are....


35 Companies To Pay More Cash For Its Owners

The markets drive into panic while volatility is rising. Did you buy some stocks during the small sell-off?

I did but only one micro position. I still believe that the markets are too expensive and wait.

No, the world will not go down! That's something I can promise you whatever happens. If the markets falls he will one day recover because of the growing world population who wants to satisfy their desires.

The national monetary banks are printing money and they won't keep cash expensive. Everybody should be liquid and the economic growth and employment figures are more important than inflation, that's the key statement of the FED.

In general, I love it when stock prices fall because companies become cheaper and one day I can buy a high quality company for a solid price. Dividends and share buybacks are also two shareholder friendly activities about which I care.

I like to see that the company not only pays dividends to satisfy their shareholder, they should grow their sales, income and dividends as well.

All of this actions is only sustainable if the corporate structure grows, if the firm employs more people, sells more units at the same margin. 

I told you and my friends: Only a growing company is a good company and those will give your portfolio a raise when you haven't overpaid them.

During the past week, a few companies raised their dividends and announced a new stock buyback program. The biggest dividend growers are Goldman Sachs, Enterprise Products Partners as well as Texas Instruments.

On the share buyback side, 14 companies announced a new or additional buyback plan. Brown-Forman, GAP and J.M. Smucker are the biggest stocks on the list.

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Below is a detailed overview of my favorite stocks from the past week who gave investors more money. You can also find a detailed list with some fundamental figures at the end of this post. 

Please don't jump at the bottom, just loot at the great charts. If you find them interesting, share them with your friends and let me know if you like some of them and share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thank you so much.


Big Dividend Growth And Share Buybacks: These Are My 5 Top Picks Of The Week

The week comes to an end and I like to show you the latest dividend grower and share buyback companies in this article.

It was also a hard week for short-term orientated investors because volatility rises due to topics like Ebola and a weaker European economy.

The Dow lost 2.73 percent within the past week while the S&P 500 was down 3.12 percent and NASDAQ down 4.44 percent.

You know that I have not sold any of my stockholdings. I'm not a fearful investor who sells his wonderful businesses and cash-in some money, pay taxes and waiting for new opportunities.

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I like to make money with stocks by holding them over a decade or more. Only over a long period of time, companies can create value.

I keep my eyes on new targets which were very rare in the past because American stocks are some of the most expensive companies in the whole world but they offer also the biggest insurance for investors. 

The Dollar is a safe heaven and he still dominates the world. I keep my money into USD.

One-Week Performance Major Indices (Click to enlarge)

Within the past week, only one big company - Kimberly-Clark, announced a 2 billion buyback program. The next biggest program came from Liberty Interactive.

On the dividend growth side, twelve companies raised dividend payments. The biggest companies here were Kraft Foods and Plains All American Pipeline.

Many oil- and gas pipeline companies are part of the dividend growers list. Those companies have experienced a big boom by creating energy infratructure but they have also high debt figures, compareable with REITs or Telecoms.

Below are my five favorites from the week. I hope you like my selection. I personally own only KFT and KMB, both are consumer giants.

Compared to the dividend growth results of the past week, the numer of stocks is still weak.

My 5 Favorite Dividend Growth And Share Buybacker of the Week are...

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