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20 Defensive Dividend Growth Stocks With Potential To Create Values In The Future

Investors have just been reminded that the stock market can finally have a formal correction. A drop of more than 500 points on Friday has put the Dow Jones Industrial Average down just over 10% from its highs, and the S&P 500 is down over 7% from its highs.

While selling trends had been in place prior to this past week, 6% of that 10% drop, or 60% of the total correction, took place last week alone. The trend that has survived in the past four years or so now is that investors have bought each and every stock market pullback.

This week’s dismal end also came on what was the last Friday of summer for many families in America, so lots of would-be buyers were simply not around to have an interest in the market, whether it was going up or going down.

I made most of my capital gains in finical turmoil’s by owning low beta stocks, large caps with a high diversification worldwide. For sure, you will not make money if you overpay a corporate.

However, here are a few attractive valuated dividend growers that could be potential stocks if the sell-off reaches a broader audience. My main criteria are positive growth in the past and expected earnings growth for the future. 

In addition, forward P/E is fewer than 15 while the beta ratio is the lowest on the results, reaching a high value of 0.73. Attached is a full compilation of the 20 best results by beta values.

These are my favorites...

7 Buy-Rated Dividend Stocks With High Cash On Balance

Cash is King especially when the market is in crisis mode. It's also better to own stocks with a high cash balance than to trade high leveraged stocks. 

Cash enables canny corporate managers to be convex to volatility, raising the value of that cash, particularly should the Fed begin raising rates 

I've created a screen of companies that have 15% of their assets in cash, whose stock has declined at least 15% since their highest point in 2015 and have a 15% or more upside.

Attached are 7 top buy rated stocks with big cash on hands.

Here are the results...

9 Low-Risk Dividend Growth Stocks To Survive A Market Crash

Businesses that are frequently in the process of giving out money to shareholders through dividends are extremely attractive for investor portfolio.

Historically, dividend shares are much less prone to changes in general as compared to non-dividend shares, and the payout of dividend itself is also less prone to change as compared to earnings per share, as businesses don’t want to face the backlash that comes from eliminating or cutting a dividend.

In addition, there’s also the compounding power; potential investors can invest their dividends back for more share, which results in more dividends in the long term. Hence, the popularity of dividend stock is not really a surprise and also, they are investments with low risk. Below, you will find 9 dividend stocks which are low-risk; irrespective of a difficult year, it could be something important for merely about any portfolio.

Here are the results...

20 Highest Yielding Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Upcoming Week

Attached is a list of the highest yielding stocks that go ex-dividend within the upcoming week. The full list can be found here: Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Next Week August 31 - September 06, 2015. Only MidCaps with a market cap over 2 billion were included.

Below is a current stock list of dividend stocks (common shares, preferred shares and American Depositary Receipts – ADR’s), paying forthcoming dividends and having their ex-dividend within the week August 31, 2015 – September 06, 2015. The average dividend-yield amounts to 3.66 percent.

About 79 higher capitalized stocks go ex-dividend in the next week of which 4 have a yield over 5 percent.

Some of the cheapest stocks are Qualcomm, Joy Global, Arthur J Gallagher, Blackrock, Hewlett-Packhard, China Mobile, Coach and Kohl's.

Here are the 20 top results by yield....

20 Highest Yielding Ex-Dividend Stocks
Of The Upcoming Week (click to enlarge)

5 High Yielding Dividend Income Machines

When buying stocks after retirement, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most retirees' investing objectives are to preserve capital by not taking on too much risk while also creating an income stream big enough to cover expenses.

Inflation is also a concern, as it's important to look for stocks with a strong track record of earnings growth and dividend increases. With those things in mind, here are five stocks that are recommend for retirees' portfolios.

Why retirement portfolio? It's easy to explain. Retired investors need a high stable income with a minimum of dividend growth. More important is secureness.

These are my 5 top results....

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