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4 Dividend Payer With 10% Yields And Promising Fundamentals

Big dividends are dead? No, I don't think so. Despite the fact that the FED and other national banks killed the interest rates, there are still high and stable dividend payments.

Today I like to focus my thoughts on higher risk stocks with bigger dividends. Those stocks have a really low market capitalization, a high payout ratio and cheap valuation. 

As a result, dividend yield ratios explode. Attached is a list of the top 20 results by yield who met my criteria.

These are my criteria in detail:
- Market Cap over $300 million
- Positive 5Y Earnings Growth Forecast
- Low Forward P/E
- Debt/Equity under 0.5
- Buy Rating from Analysts

These are the 5 top yielding results...

These 24 Stocks Growing Dividends By More Than 10% Over A Decade

Recently, I wrote that dividend growth is very important for long-term orientated investors who don't like to trade stocks and follow a buy and hold strategy. I've created a screen to that article, showing the fastest dividend growers from the S&P 500.

Today I like to show you a screen with high quality stocks which have raised dividends over more than 25 years at rates over 10% yearly for a decade. In total, 24 stocks appear on my radar.

Which stocks do you like?

These are my 5 top results...


5 Top Dividend Stocks With 50% Earnings Growth Forecasts

Who are the best dividend stocks for the next five years? That's a good question and I also look for stocks with promising fundamentals.

I do desk research and fundamentals are the most important source of information which I can use.

Today I've created a nice forward orientated screen of dividend paying large caps with doubledigit earnings growth forecasts over the next five years and low valuation figures as well. I did not select the stocks by a long dividend growth history.

As a result, GM and AbbVie are part of the results but take a look to create your own thoughts. These are the top results with a dividend yield over 3 percent.


Top Monthly Income Stocks: These 10 Stocks Pay You Every Month

I know that you like dividend and you also like stocks that pay often dividends. Monthly dividends are very popular because for many people, it looks like monthly payment check. Your bills also come each month and must be paid.

Regretless there are only a few amounts of stocks that pay dividends on a monthly basis and let me mention one thing about these stocks: They are not the best ones on the market.

However, Today I like to show you 10 names on the market with 12 dividends a year.

You may also be interested in those stocks with the fastest dividend growth from the S&P 500.

These are the results:


7 Attractive Dividend Growth Stocks With Solid Yields And Low Price Ratios

Recently the Federal Reserve downgraded its expectations for inflation going forward, Fed watchers concluded that September would be the earliest that hiking would begin, and even then it would proceed at a much slower pace than previously feared.

Investors care much about the activities of the Fed, more than doing own research, reading annual reports and thinking in worst and best cases of their portfolio allocation.

Also check out this article: 3 Unbelievable Dividend Champions With Zero Debt And Promising Payout Growth

I can nothing change in the Fed policy which will ever be offensive because the aim is to simulate the economy. Yes, markets could be overvalued due to low manipulated interest rates but even in a broadly overpriced U.S. market, we can still find solid deals on dividend stocks. If bought at a reasonable price, a good dividend stock offers both a competitive current yield and a strong probability of dividend growth.

Here are seven Dividend Achievers, stocks with a history of growing dividends of more than 10 consecutive years, with attractive fundamentals. The forward P/E is under 15 while earnings are expected to grow by more than 5 percent over the next five years. Sales also grew by more than 5 percent yearly in the past years.

If you are looking for more stocks with an attractive valuation, you should real my articles from this category.

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