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These 11 Top Yielding Stocks Have A Nearly Secure Dividend

I started a screen in order to hunt for the most guaranteeing dividend paying stocks.

I wish to concentrate on bigger, more diversified organizations in the U.S. because of their inalienable quality and solidness. Next, I will utilize three profit related criteria to choose several dividend all-stars. 

To start with, I will choose only those organizations with dividend yields of 3 percent or more. By the way, the sustainable of the dividend payments are also in focus of my research. 

It doesn't make sense when a company pays its investor one or two years and then cuts the income stream for the following once – I will screen for companies with a dividend coverage ratio of no less than 250 percent. 

The dividend coverage is characterized as the earnings in relation to the dividend payments. The higher the ratio, the lower the dividend payouts and the higher the dividend coverage should be. 

Good companies, like Dividend Kings, can pay stable dividends or let grow when despite earnings are falling by 50 percent due to high dividend coverage.

At last, I will search for stocks with a reputation of raising their profit payouts over the long haul. I will search for a five-year normal dividend growth rate of not less than 3 percent every year. 

Attached are my 11 results of which five are highlighted in detail. I hope you find some values in my work and the current screen. Thank you for reading.

These are my favorites from the results…


18 Cheap And Perfect Dividend Stocks To Consider

I write a lot about investments, mostly about dividend paying stocks which have grown payments over a long period of time.

I personally believe that those companies offer true values for normal do-it-yourself investors like you and me.

The great risk is always that the company is leaving its growth path and cannot hike dividends in the future.

Today I try finding a perfect stock. It is a cheaply valuated company with solid debt and growth perspectives. In addition the corporate should generate a double-digit return on investment.

16 stocks fulfilled my criteria. I've selected only companies with a large market cap. I love bigger capitalized companies because they are often more secure than small and midcaps. Safety is a key element in my investment philosophy.

Attached is the list of my 16 results. Most of them are low yielders but in times of low interest rates, it is no shame to own stocks with a yield below 3 percent. 

What is your perfect stock? Please leave a comment at the end of this article. I hope you have enjoyed reading my stuff and keep following my news by subscribing. Thank you so much.

These are my 6 top results from the list:


These Dividend Contenders May Rise Dividends Within The Next 3 Months

Recently, I wrote about DividendChampions that may rise dividends within the next 3 months in order to keep their status as dividend grower alive.

It's fantstic to know what companies should hike it's dividends because the current yields are so low that each investor get tears in his eyes.

A potential dividend hike could lift the current dividend yield on a new level.

Today I like to introduce some Dividend Contenders with potential to hike dividends over the next quarter. As a result, I found 20 companies; nine of them yield over 3 percent.

Dividend Growth is a wonderful investing space on which I personally spend a lot of time. 

I love it to see dividends grow but it's only possible if a company grows and has low debt ratios.

These are my 6 highlights... 

5 Dividend Champions With Higher Dividends In 3 Months

No one has a crystal-ball but when we look forward in the dividend growth space we have a great possibility to find stocks that may raise dividends in the near future in order to keep their status.

Today I like to introduce some Dividend Champions that need to hike dividends over the next three month. They did grow dividend over more than 25 years, why stopping now?

In total, 13 stocks must grow dividends of which two are High-Yields. For sure most of the 13 stocks have grown their dividends by a low rate of less than 10 percent annually. The fastest Champ was Archer-Daniels-Midland with a 5-Year dividend growth rate of 7.9 percent.

Small dividend hikes are not bad. Remember, the inflation is also low and a 3 percent dividend hike could hedge your investment.

The best performing stock from the list was the financial services company McGraw Hill. Since 2010, the company went up 150 percent while the worst performer, AT&T realized only a gain of around 18 percent.

These are my 5 favorites...


How To Build A Diversified Dividend Growth Portfolio?

Diversification is a key element in the investing space. Each investor should have a well diversified portfolio in order to eliminate the big risks.

We are no Warren Buffett who met the CEO's and Chairman’s of a company in a private talk and cannot evaluate risks in a deeper detail. What we make is desk research and those investors need to be diversified. 

Attached are 12 great Dividend Aristocrats from different sectors which you can use to build a broader diversification for your own portfolio.

Dividend Aristocrats don't just sound royal, they performed like kings in the past. Over the last decade, an index of the 54 Dividend Aristocrats stocks has returned 10.91% a year, versus just 8.06% a year for the S&P 50.

Remember, a past performance is for sure no guarantee for a solid future return. As a group, the 10 stocks below have an average dividend yield of 2.8% and an average P/E ratio of 18.5. 

These are the results with a 3+ percent annual dividend yield...

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