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20 Best Stocks to Hold for the Long-Term

Forget about buying and selling stocks within a matter of days or months. Morgan Stanley is out with a new note recommending 30 companies that you should hold until 2018.

Below is a list of the 20 top dividend payers.

That's not to say you should then sell them in 2018, it's to say that Morgan Stanley believes these companies are poised to perform well over the next three years.

These are the 5 highest yielding resuts in detail:


9 International Dividend Dogs With Upside Potential

While the domestic stock market is getting hotter and hotter, internationals look cheaper.

I've written in the past about stock opportunities from abroad and like to go forward with this theme today.

Below are 9 international dividend dogs with attractive fundamentals for income investors. Which do you like?

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9 international dividend dogs are....

4 Safe High-Yielding Stocks To Consider

Safety comes first, that's also one of my rules when I started to invest money into the stock market. I believe that it gives you a solid return to avoid the big risks because each loss you don't need is also a gain you don't need to catch by taking higher risks.

Growth is just as important. Investors in or near requirement should demand their investments grow dividend income at least as fast as inflation - and hopefully much faster. This gives you a boost in your standard of living each year.

Today I like to introduce 4 stocks with a large dividend growth history (more than 30 years that give investors a solid ground to invest.

Each of these businesses also has maintained a growth rate higher than the inflation rate for the last several years and has a dividend yield 3% or higher. These high yield stocks should provide income now and growth for future income. 

They all have exceptionally low stock price standard deviations. These 3 businesses also have strong competitive advantages that insulate them from the worst effects of recessions. In short, these are 4 high quality businesses that score high marks for safety.

These are the results:


Warren Buffett Buys Surprisingly These 8 Dividend Stocks

Warren Buffett is one of the most respected investors on the market at current times.

He created a massive portfolio in his life which is worth around $107 billion. Recently, Warren announced his latest stock buys and sells during the past quarter. 

His moves are watched closely because value and dividend growth investors try to catch a new idea from his thoughts and strategic buys and sells.

During the past quarter, Warren bought eight stocks and reduced seven positions. He did not close a full position or initiated a new.

The biggest acquisition by value was Wells Fargo, followed by Visa. Most of his stock increases had a P/E of less than 15 and pay a dividend.

These are the latest dividend stock buys from Warren Buffett from Q1/2015...


4 Great Dividend Value Picks From The Old Country

Large cap investors are looking for high liquidly stocks. Most investors think that they offer a better risk profile but the truth is that a higher liquidity and media presence avoid a bigger mispricing on the market. 

Recently, I wrote about domestic and foreign dividend paying small-and midcaps that could give investors a bigger opportunity for rising returns via a small capitalization. The disadvantage is definitely the higher risks.

With the Standard & Poor’s 500 having tripled off its financial-crisis low to trade near an all-time high, investors have started to look overseas for cheap stocks.

Big money flooded the European market within recent months and pushed the local stock markets in Europe.

While the Euro is still in a down trend, the current QE program of the ECB could lead to further fire power on the market.

Attached are 4 big names from the old country with deep values and solid dividends. Most of the results come from the healthcare sector, especially from the pharmacy industry.

These are the results:

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